Run Forrest, Run. part 3

So far in this 3 part series, Run Forrest, Run,  I’ve talked about why people don’t run, running versus other forms of cardio, and today I’m going to talk about how running can be enjoyable. There are ways to make running enjoyable, just find what works for you.

You can listen to your iPod while you run. Create a running playlist with really high-powered, up-beat songs that get you moving. Put one or two or these songs in a place in your song line-up where you feel like you start to slow down in your run and need an extra push.

For some ideas, here is a list of my favorite power songs:

  • Summer by Calvin Harris
  • Counting Stars by One Republic
  • Daylight by Matt and Kim
  • Neon Lights by Demi Lavato
  • Lights by Ellie Goulding
  • Feel So Close by Calvin Harris
  • Midnight City by M83
  • Call Him by Flame

Run outside! It is so much more fun running outside than running outdoors. The scenery is constantly changing and you can just lose track of time. Look around as you run. Not every run has to be your best time or a competition. Once or twice a week run to just enjoy the run. Think about the way running makes you feel and breathe in the fresh air. It really cleanses the soul.

Run with friends! Having friends that run is one of the best tactics to get you to run when you aren’t in the mood. They keep you motivated and encouraged to push yourself. Sometimes they know what you are capable of more than you do, and running with them can make the time fly. I was on the University of North Georgia cross country team, and if it wasn’t for those ladies, a lot of track workouts would not have been done well. They really pushed me and encouraged me.

2012-2013 UNG Women's Team

UNG Women’s Team 2012-2013

Races are on of the best ways to keep you motivated to train. If you sign up for a 5K, which is 3.1 miles, you know you can’t back down on your running because you have to be ready. And races are so much fun! You feel like an official runner once you pin your race bib to yourself and line up to start. You feel like your on top of the world, and with all the runners around you, you typically will run one of your best times to date. Afterwards, reward yourself for all of your hard training. Go to your favorite frozen yogurt place, or buy yourself a new running shirt. You deserve it for all that you’ve accomplished and how far you’ve come!

Not all races have to be timed. Sign up for a fun race! Ever heard of the Color Run 5K? What you do is wear white clothing, and then at every kilometer there are volunteers who throw dyed cornstarch on you as you pass. At the end of the race you look like a rainbow, and there is a DJ with music for a party! Celebrate! Fun and exciting races are popping up everywhere now, so sign up!

Before the Color Run

Before the Color Run

After the Color Run

After the Color Run

Running can be fun and enjoyable! It can be done anytime, anywhere, regardless of weather or time of year. Running can also be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of experience or body type. We aren’t all going to be Olympic athletes, but should that stop you from trying something new?


Run Forrest, Run. part 2

Why should you run versus other forms of cardio?

Running is great because it does not require any equipment. As long as you have running shoes and a safe location, you can run. Indoors or outdoors, running is a simple form of cardio that shows real progress.

Unlike an elliptical or stationary bike, you do not have to be inside or a member of gym to benefit from cardio. This is especially convenient if you travel and do not have access to a gym. I studied abroad in Spain for 5 weeks, and guess what I did every morning? That’s right, I ran. I saw more and experienced more than I ever thought I could, because I got out of my comfort zone and truly experienced the beautiful geography everyday. I saw amazing sunrises rising over the ocean, explored different cities, found new museums and parks to visit, and passed restaurants I wanted to try. My running partner and I loved our morning runs. Check out some of the places I would run:

The Barcelona boardwalk

The Barcelona boardwalk

El Retiro Park

El Retiro Park in Madrid

Running is also easier for keeping track of progress. Shorter times or longer distances are perfect ways to know that you are constantly amping up your workout and pushing yourself to your best effort. In addition, if a run does become easier, it is because you are beginning to master the task. That’s wonderful news! That means your body is getting used to the effort you are putting on your body and feels more experienced.

Running is also a better choice than exercise classes, because you do not have to deal with crowds or hot, sweaty rooms. If running, you can be by yourself in quiet to collect your thoughts. You won’t have to worry about having enough room during your workout and sweating profusely because of others. And when you run, you can push yourself harder because you don’t have to slow down for others who don’t know what they are doing.

Running is also a great because you don’t need others to do it. Team sports like soccer and football require others to make the sport and the exercise even possible. However, what if you were on a volleyball team and wanted to workout one day? It is hard to do your best workout and training alone. Team sports need other people for it to be efficient. If you run, you don’t need others. You can do it anytime of day, anywhere without needing to rely on others to make it happen.

That is one of the best parts of running. If you do run or compete in a race, the time you get is all you. You were the one who put in the time and effort, no one else made you do that well. It is a true sense of self-accomplishment and very rewarding to know that you did so well all on you own. It’s fun to let others know your best times, and to know that if you eventually beat those times it was because you worked hard to achieve them.

So, lace up those sneakers and start running! Stay tuned for the last part of this series: how to make running enjoyable.